Tusday Sillies.


I love when the mama with the baby on its back tries to go into the cardboard box, but the baby doesn't quite fit so starts hilariously sliding off.


I don't have to work tomorrow, so I drink a bottle of wine?? And watch the Princess Diaries 2 while bemoaning the fact that Chris Pine is not my boyfriend? Oh jeez. Truly I have slipped into the good life. Or the slacker life. One of those, for sure.

Might go for #3 Star Trek viewing tomorrow, if only out of boredom. That's right...movie's only been out since Friday, and I've seen it twice. Workaholic suddenly having a lot of free time means a lot of time wasters get inserted into the typical day. Nothing that I actually want to do, like writing non-stupid stuff or cleaning the house gets done. But I will go watch attractive people fire phasers three times a week. Go figure.

In the Bubble

A coworker of mine lent me Freeway like a month ago, and I finally got around to watching it tonight. I turned it off halfway through.

The movie is basically Little Red Riding Hood in southern california with Reese Witherspoon and Kiefer Sutherland on a creepy road trip. And I know for a fact that eventually Keef makes his creepy wolf move and Witherspoon beats him the fuck up, but I just can't get past this rapey shit. Maybe I've just come to the point where I only like happy movies, but I just don't feel like watching this on my rare day off. Maybe I'll come back to it, but shit.

It is done.

In a couple weeks, I will only have one job. I have too much joy for exclamation points right now. Let's just say that on the way home I totally put on a certain Nsync CD and blasted a certain hit single while singing along.

On Monday I went for my first long hike in FORVER. I will post pictures soon, but I do want to say that it was 4/20, and there were hippies smoking pot on the trail. And they had a stroller with a baby. Actually, the baby around the pot didn't even occur to me until just now. I was really just wondering A) how they got a stroller through the rocky, cliff hugging trail all slick with spring snowmelt, and B) why they would hike in three miles just to smoke pot. This was really bugging me, for some reason. I thought, "Damn hippies! Just do it in the parking lot like a normal person!"

I think deep thoughts when I hike, obviously.

Sunday Morning Drunk Blogging

Seven thoughts for the end of a long week:

1) Damn, I haven't seen this side of midnight in, like, forever. But thanks to the wonders of the PM shift, I am now either waking up late and staying up late or waking up early and bitching through a nearly unbearable day. But SOON IT WILL BE OVER and I will only work one job. Thank Jesus.

2) I stopped shipping out my tweets because I could feel my lj posts becoming shorter and more tweet-like. Also I'm very full of myself and I thought that a page of only twitter imports reflected bad on me as a writer, despite the fact that I can count my f-list on one hand.

3) Square cakes will be my Everest.

4) Kings of Leon make a good fucking album.

5) When you realize at the beginning of a workday that you're hungry, then work through the hunger all day, two grilled cheese sandwiches really do not soak up two glasses of wine. Especially if you're Asian, in which case you were wasted the moment you pulled the cork out of the half-bottle in the fridge.

6) I realize this random numerical format is a little twitter-like, but it's the only way to blog while intoxicated and I've been doing it for years so poo.

7) I have become my mother. Cheap wine is my drink of choice. Meh.

I like sleep. Gonna get some now. Zzz.

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  • 09:52 Yay for today being my friday! Except I have to work monday, so it's not really a weekend. More like a break in the ongoing week of life. #
  • 11:45 Sometimes when at night when I'm alone in the kitchen I like to sing and dance while working. I think tonight will be one of those nights. #
  • 13:32 I really need to update my music collection. Haven't bought anything new in FOREVER. #
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